Hayfever Symptoms

Hayfever can be a lot like having a common cold, but the effects (the ‘symptoms’) can last for weeks or even months, rather than just days.

If you or a family member suffers from hayfever, you’ll be very familiar with the most common symptoms which include:

► Sneezing
► Clear runny nose
► Stuffy nose
► Itchy throat
► Itchy, watery eyes

People with hayfever may also get tired, largely due to the impact the symptoms may have on good sleep.

Hayfever or common cold?

This table should help you decide which it is:


DurationWeeks or months, as long as the allergen is still presentTypically lasts 7-14 days
Mild feverUnlikelyLikely
Nasal dischargeThin, watery and clearThick, cloudy and sometimes coloured
Mucus productionLight or minimal Heavy (requires frequent nose blowing)
Watery and itchy eyesLikelyUnlikely
ThroatItchySore or painful



Severity of symptoms

How bad the symptoms are is usually dependent on how much contact you have with the substance you’re allergic to; the ‘allergen’.

So many people with seasonal hayfever check the pollen count, because on days when the pollen count is expected to be high, their hayfever may be worse (so they choose to stay indoors). 

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