Treating allergies

Although they can be very irritating, most allergic reactions are classed as mild to moderate. However, a small number of people can have severe reactions called anaphylaxis. These can be life-threatening and require immediate medication and medical attention.

Currently, there is no cure for allergies but the good news is that effective treatment of allergy symptoms is available. Antihistamines like Claratyne have been helping New Zealanders stay one step ahead of allergies for many years.

Effective treatment

Claratyne works by blocking the release of histamine which the body produces in response to what it thinks, mistakenly, are harmful substances. This histamine causes many of the irritating and uncomfortable symptoms associated with allergies.

Unlike some older antihistamines, Claratyne is long lasting, giving 24-hour relief. Better still, for most people, it doesn’t make you drowsy so most adults can drive and operate machinery, and children can maintain concentration in the classroom.

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